Premier Greeting Cards

Here is what you will get with the Premier Greeting Cards Opportunity!

The idea is for you to purchase locations where you can put up racks to sell greeting cards. They will take your money and then give you a lot of excuses why you haven't recieved your merchandise. You will have smooth talking salesmen that promise you will make a ton of money and they will even promise more locations than you actually paid for. Chances are the one you talked to will not even be with the company when you call back!

You will then be referred to some other "placement company" and they will ask for a couple of thousand dollars and give you a lot of excuses. When you want out, they won't give you your money and you probably will NEVER get them on the phone anyway.

If you then submit a request for a refund in writing it will be turned over to the "legal" department, for which they will not provide you with contact information. They will tie it up in red tap and mubo jumbo and you will never see your money again.

Stay Away!

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