Perry Belcher / Google

Perry Belcher is the guy behind “Get Money From Google,” but you already know that. What you don’t know is if it will work for you. Read this whole page or you may be in for a rude awakening!

This program claims that it is going to turn a “Newbie” into an Internet Marketing Expert overnight. From my experience, which is extensive, this statement is WAY over used. The internet is not so different from the “real world” and no one becomes an expert overnight and you can be SURE that there will be MUCH more money involved than $27.

In my opinion, “Get Money From Google” puts the cart before the horse. It shows you SOME things about Viral Marketing and whets your appitite for what Viral Marketing might do for you. But a “technique” is not really going to help you if you don’t already have a REAL business already set up. If you already have a product that has been tested and PROVEN and a means by which to monetize it, fine.

This is where programs like Perry Belcher’s seem to drop the ball. WHAT are you going to sell, how do you find it, how do you target it, and how do you build enough credibility that people will trust you?

Traffic in and of itself means nothing without the other key components. You can buy traffic CHEAP, but if people are not convinced your wasting your time!

“Get Money From Google” drops a lot of names of people that are supposed to tell you all you need to know, but remember, these guys are selling stuff too, so they are NOT going to tell you all you need to know. I am not saying that it’s not valuable, but there is plenty you need to know before Viral Marketing will really help you.

I noticed that now he is promoting a “Summit” with Ryan Deiss and this means a line up of “gurus” giving you a little information and then trying to sell you their products. You can easily come out of one of those things having spent a whole lot of money and setting yourself up for information overload.

Building an internet business is much more step-by-step than all that. It is best, as with anything, to proceed in a simple organized fashion, as opposed to, getting caught up in the frenzy, and maxing out your credit card. It’s the kiss of death to try and go in many directions at the same time. On the internet, FOCUS is King!

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