People String

People String has a unique twist as opposed to the MANY social networking sites that are popping up everywhere. For our purposes, this is a review of the money making potential of People String, or the lack thereof.

You can join for free and there is also a $200 level. If you join for free you still get quite a few features that they offer, but the main reason for this option is so that you will become familiar and upgrade.

If you are a $200 PeopleString member then you can refer others, who also pay, and make a commission from it. You can also share in the sites ad revenue, but this depends on how active you are on the site and what membership level you are.

All in all, People String seems like a fun little way to make a few bucks. I have not heard of anyone that is really making much money, but I guess a little is better than nothing.

My website is geared for those that are actually looking to make a REAL income online and I would not say that falls into that category.

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