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People Search Services are the fastest and easiest way to find out information about individuals that you can't get off the regular Search Engines, but there are so many, how do you know which one to choose? You are about to find the TRUTH and which ones you can trust!

We have gone to great lengths to test these services and determine which of these programs ACTUALLY provide the most reliable results, so you don't have too. We wanted to know which are the most user friendly and expedite your information gathering.

The only way to test these services is to perform searches and background checks on well known individuals who have given us permission to look them up and various collegues around the country.

We can then verify whether or not the information provided was correct and just how much information each service actually provides. It is then easy to see which services update their databases regularly and stay on top of the process.

We found that most of the services we tested provided nothing more than what we could find in the phone book. They promised employment history, criminal history, credit history, current phone number, address, but delivered none or almost none of this.

The "free" services turned out to be THE worst. They advertise "free," but they only give you minimal information and then you have to pay for what you really want. In most cases, even when we paid, they were still extremely inadequate!

After all the testing, we are down to one! This consistently delivered extensive contact info (email addresses, phone numbers, both work and home addresses), criminal records, credit history, residential history, and extensive employment history.


Top People Search Program

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Site Link Rating Guarantee /  Access Fee 5 of 5 90 Days /  1Yr. Unlimited $39.95

5 out of 5

Phone Detective constantly updates and maintains one of the Largest  Investigative Databases on the Internet. is so reliable that it is extremely popular with Private Investigation Firms and Media Outlets that must be absolutely sure of their facts. All the searches we conducted returned accurate, current and verifiable results. If you are in need of National or International In-Depth, Deep Background Information this service is all you need. Of all we tested, the price is the most reasonable, the term is the longest, and you don't need to augement with any other services to make up for lack of capabilities. There is even a less expensive version that is very good. PhoneDetective does it all!

One Time: $ 39.95

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