Peel Away Ads

Peel Away Ads by Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude make some Big Bold claims about what their product will do. Now you are going to learn, from my experience, what you REALLY get!

This seemed like a new and innovative advertising method. These guys are right, there needed to be something less boring and more effective. People are sick of seeing the same old thing and Peel Away Ads seemed, to me anyway, to be the answer.

I am very skeptical and I realize that everyone is trying to put their best foot forward to make their product seem as good as possible. I don't have a problem with that so much as when they seem to go overboard with the promises. Peel Away Ads certainly does that!

In spite of that I thought it was worth a show, so it was added to some ecommerce sites (this is a review site, not ecommerce). I was very watchful to see if PeelAwayAds performed as promised. It turns out that I was very smart to track it the way I did because I found out that they didn't meet my expectations.

Peel Away Ads EXCEEDED THEM! It's so unique and you hardly ever see them. It is almost entertaining when people see them and they just peel them back over and over. It is very high on the "cool scale" and guess what, the more people pull them back, the more they see your ad. That reinforces your message and increases your Sales.

I have thought of some very unique ways to use these that increase the effect even more. I will be happy to share them with you, but obviously, you must have the program first and then you can email me. I will show you some extra "tricks" that Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude do not mention. To visit Peel Away Ads simply Click Here