Pay It Forward 4 Profits

Pay It Forward 4 Profits is the creation of Joel Broughton in association with Paul Birdsall This program makes some incredible claims, but now you are about to find out the WHOLE story!

In there is a lead generation strategy and instruction on generating internet traffic. They initially make the claim that there is no cost to join the program, but you will soon find out that there are costs involved.

With Pay It Forward 4 Profits you will also receive two replicated websites that won't do you much good unless YOU do Pay-Per-Click Advertising, even though Pay It Forward 4 Profits will suggest traffic generating ideas. These ideas however, are used by all of the others that have the same websites and are promoting the same thing. will suggest that you join other programs, for which they, of course, make money and they will want you to promote the same ones. They speak of your "Primary Business" which basically means the MLM company that you are involved with. If you don't have one, they will recommend one for you. This will include large additional expenditures and on an ongoing monthly basis.

My sources have told me that this system has been used to promote several different MLM companies. It seems that there primary strategy is to "stack" people underneath each other, which most MLM experts do not suggest.

PayItForward4Profits will also urge you to join several other programs that that also require additional expenditures. You may have a little success with these programs, but they can get very expensive, very quickly. One of the main ones will run you about $50 per month, so it's a LONG way from free!

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