Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson worked as chief of staff of the Michigan Department of State, supervising 182 offices, 2100 employees, and $1.4 tax collection, and implementation of historic “Proposal A” tax reforms.

All this before he founded his own company Anderson Economic Group LLC. In this new role he covered the states of Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, large cities like Detroit, Norfolk, and Fort Wayne; numerous counties and townships, as well as large corporations like General Motors, Labatt USA, and The Taubman Company; along with retailers and wholesalers representing Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lowenbrau, and Budweiser. This is a very wide spectrum indeed!

His book “Right on the Money” written along with Michael Henderson took four years to complete.

In his book, he details three main ingredients of success.

• Have a very strong desire for success, without which you cannot have success.

• You should be willing to learn from the success of others and your own failures.

• You should have passion to work hard at a goal that you have set for yourself.

Along with this he adds that that you should remember that:

• You should have good judgment - This will help you in differentiating the real persons from shady, scam artists on the net.

• You should share your experiences with the experts on the net.

• “The affiliate model is by far the most exciting Internet business opportunity” Use it with judgment, and you will never go wrong on the net.

We definitely agree with Patrick Anderson's enthusiasm for the internet, but we also know there is a whole lot more to success on the internet than affiliate programs. The competition is stiff and learning from someone who has ACTUALLY had success is mandatory. If you can follow a simple, proven step-by-step system put together by highly successful internet marketers you can have an automated highly successful internet business.

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