Passport To Wealth ™

b>Passport to Wealth™ is an opportunity that a lot of people are calling and emailing about. Now you are about to find out the WHOLE story and discover a much better way, read this or weep!

After joining Passport To Wealth ™ for around $900 you will be asked to pay a monthly fee for a website. This website is supposed to be the key, but the reality is that hardly anyone will ever see it, more on that later.

The idea is that you will try to find others that will be willing to do the same thing and that is the whole purpose. But BEFORE you get paid ANYTHING you must find two others that will invest, but for these two you make nothing. These are your "qualifiers!"

You will be "assisted" in this process by a Director or Sponsor and the money from these two initial sales is passed up to that individual, who in actuality will probably did next to nothing to help you, so I am told!

Only after you sign up your "Qualifiers" are you in a position to earn anything. And you will be in no position to do that until you have paid to have your website set up, joined an autoresponder company, and used one of the companies on their list to buy leads from.

Programs like Passport To Wealth ™ all claim to be "automated" and they also say that there is little or no effort involved. The reality is that success in any program that involves recruiting others makes it necessary to have a consistent supply of interested prospects.

I am sure that you probably don't have people just sitting around waiting to spend $900+, so where do you find all these people? You buy them! You will be asked to subscribe to a lead service that is suggested by PTW.

PTW claims to be so easy and automated, but it is funny how people have told me that it is VERY difficult to set up. A truly automated money maker is not this difficult to set up and it works for you 24/7. There is no need to get involved with some complicated expensive deal to do this.

With Passport To Wealth ™ will receive a cookie cutter "replicated" website that is supposed to make this seem automated. The problem is that everyone else's website is just the same and the search engines hate that.

Don't count on people going to that site on their own, you will have continue to buy leads to get anyone to visit at all!

I recently spoke with a young woman who scrapped together the money to join this and after deciding it was not for her, she had to cancel her Debit Card to stop the monthly charges. $51 for this, $33 for that, and $21 for something else and she never made a dime.

I do agree that the internet is the best way to make money, but it takes more than just putting up a simple replicated website like you will get with Passport To Wealth ™.

If you are tired of all these programs similar to Passport To Wealth ™ that promise Yachts, Rolls Royces, and Mansions then it is time for you to forget the Hype, and see how truly simple and INEXPENSIVE it is to really make a nice income online.

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