Passive Online Profits

Passive Online Profits has gotten you interested enough to go looking for more information and you are going to be glad you took the time. You are about to discover what to REALLY expect with P.O.P.!

First of all, if you heard their conference call and you were on it early enough, then you heard what they DO NOT want you to hear when it says, “conference call recording starting now.” Recording? It is supposed to be a LIVE call isn't it?

I suppose that saying that it's “live” when it is actually a recorded is not such a big deal, but you have to wonder what else isn't real!

The true crux of the matter is if what they claim they are offering REALLY works. There are some realities that don't square with what Passive Online Profits is saying.

Does voice broadcasting work? Yes it does, but there IS much more to it than just pulling the numbers and dialing. You NEED to know WHO to call, WHEN to call, and a very proven, tested, converting message. Everyone can't be using the same message and typically with Passive Online Profits they are. Hey, if you don't make any sales, it doesn't matter what the cost per minute is.

Just having the mechanism to voice broadcast certainly is not a guarantee of success any more than starting a race car is a guarantee that you will win a race. If you don’t have someone with A LOT of experience helping you it can quickly turn into a disappointment.

It seems impressive that you get 10,000 leads just for joining Passive Online Profits, but you shouldn't get to carried away with that. Who knows where these leads came from, how old they are, how many people have the very same ones, etc. You will BLAST through that number of leads QUICK, so it is ALL about where you get more.

P.O.P initially said that after you used the leads that they provide you that you can “buy” additional leads, but now they have come off that some and are now offering a "Lead Scraper."

From MUCH experience, I will tell you that all Scrapers are definitely NOT created equal and the least effective of all is Scraper software that you download to YOUR computer.

The desktop type of is notoriously snail slow, close to watching a slow leak. It does not go as deep as a web hosted scraper (doesn’t pull anywhere close to as many quality leads).

I don't care what the demo looks like, I've seen PLENTY of Scraper demos, but when you get it on your computer, it's a different story.

P.O.P also says that you can even “email your leads” but they don’t tell you how you’re going to do that and their system DOESN'T do that. If you don't have an email component you have a BIG gap in your marketing portfolio.

All in all, Passive Online System sounds decent, but the best there is, that's a little much.

Personally, I feel that you should make SURE that you are getting the best there is, something that can be a great business for you. You can use it to reach and help MILLIONS of people who are trying to get their business going and you will make a lot of money by helping them.

If you would like to see something that is not such a mystery or you have to wonder about, you should definitely go and see an ACTUAL comprehensive demonstration of something that will absolutely do what it claims Right Here.