Partner With Paul

The mysterious " Partner With Paul " has been making a lot of my readers curious, so I dug deep to unmask the mystery for you!

PWP is a ripoff of the SO outdated "Work at Home Manifesto" which employs the same: disguised voices, blurred video, blotted out names, and other "cloak and dagger" nonsense.

This appeared to be yet another of the endless “secret” ways to succeed with Affiliate Marketing. Replete with the same over used “amazing discover , rags to riches" Story!

Mystery Man uses Camtasia Video to show you his (or somebody’s) ROI Rocket Affiliate Network Back Office to prove that there is a Big Payment there.

ROI Rocket is another of the MANY Affiliate Program Market Places where it is INCREDIBLY difficult to find success, it is however, legitimate.

“Paul” then goes into his (or somebody’s) Google Pay-per-click Account which appears to show where someone actually spent A LOT on advertising, to build up that Large ROI Network Payment Amount.

Straight up experience allows me to verify that it does takes BIG Bank in order to have success with Affiliate Marketing, so "Secret Agent Man" was honest about that. Even I started to actually believe maybe there really was something to " Partner With Paul !"

After the torture of reading the remainder of the tired sales copy, “Paul” pitched me a curve ball with a new and special twist!

After going through all of that, “Paul” simply wanted me to pay shipping, so he could send me information!

At that exact moment, the thing that came to mind was this old program called “Online Business Systems.” Sure as the world, the very next thing he goes into is none other than “Online Business Systems,” amazing!

It is an HUGE S-T-R-E-T-C-H to front ROI Rocket as a LURE into “Online Business Systems.” Honestly, it's just flat out RETARDED, the two programs couldn't be more different. These two programs don't compare in Any Way, Shape, or Form!

The special " Partner With Paul " DVD is not what you'd expect either, to say the least. It’s the same worn out song and dance “Online Business Systems” has been performing for years.

Making Money online is simply NOT all that difficult and it has always mystified me why people like Mr. Phantom “Paul” think it's necessary to "con" somebody in order to succeed.

So feel free to step right up and “ Partner With Paul,” Get Pumped , Charge Thousands of $ to your CC, say GoodBye to ALL your Friends, and… wait for it… Start Selling Herbalife Vitamins!

Which is ALL this is.

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