Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair has come on the scene with many auto repair shops and training institutes which give training in this, very new types of repair of auto bodies. Paintless Dent Repair has several advantages form client point of view and from auto shop point of view.

The advantages to client are, • Quick turnaround of the vehicle so that he is not put to a great inconvenience by the absence of the drivability of his vehicle.

• His love for the vehicle does not get a dent.

• The prestige does not get a dent. If he goes on driving a damaged vehicle for a long time this would happen sooner than later.

• Resale value, trading value is better.

For the auto repair shop the advantages are, • Quick turnover means good profit • Image improvement for the client and the shop

• Higher client approval. This means even higher turnover.

All the repair shops listed below have full-fledged training institute, with full support for trainee in form of tools, up gradation of technology in case of further improvements.

None of the websites visited gives any inkling of the type of technology. All institutes involved have either a 3 day or a 5 day program, with hands on experience in the institute, in a real world environment. In each case you can expect to learn, • Know your tools • Dent definition • Theory of metal • Reading the dent • Practice various dents/damage • Access without drilling • Trim and headliner access • Problem dents • Crease repair • Actual repair and Field practice Every institute also gives some sort of in put in marketing and estimating.

Some of major training institutes are listed below 1) Superior Training institute, phone 1-714-432-8528. 2) phone 1-800-883-3446. 3) Ding King Phone 1-800-304-3464. 4) Paint bull phone 1-800-800-5725. 5) Dent Magic phone 1 800 542 3368. 6) Appearance plus Phone 1-800-408-5020

This seems to be a Win-win situation for all vehicle owners, Auto shop owners, and trainees. But, be advised that several people have told me that, they used to make a WHOLE lot more money than they do now because of a large increase in competition.

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