Paid Surveys Online

Paid Surveys are most definitely a legitimate means to generate an online income, you can make "life improving" income from surveys, but to do so, it is crucial for you to "work smarter, not harder."

If you will invest the little bit of time that it will take to read this information, in it's entirety, you will shortcut the process and put yourself WAY ahead of the game by avoiding the most  common mistakes and maximize your success doing surveys.

As you have seen, there are literally dozens and dozens of programs that claim that they will allow you to get paid for taking surveys. So much so, that it is very difficult for the average person, who has a life, to do the research to discover which ones are good and which are not, but never fear, that is why we are here.

For almost 15 YEARS, we have helped millions of people cut through the hype and find out what works and what doesn't by trying and testing just about everything you will see out there.

This includes dissecting the countless Online Survey programs that are available and more importantly, we have gotten feed back from THOUSANDS of people who have actually participated in them.

Having all this inside information allows us to accomplish our mission, which is giving you the "How To's" and the "Which One's" that will enable you to generate the most Online Survey income possible, as efficiently as possible. In other words, helping you to truly "work smarter, not harder."

Now first things first. NEVER pay money to join a program that is supposed to help you with surveys. Sure, we could try to convince you to spend money on some program that is supposed to help you, so that we could make money, but the reality is that 99.9% of the time this is what you will get with those:

1)  Outdated directories & resources with non-working links, phone numbers, & email addresses.

2)  Poorly designed sites with confusing navigation systems, outdated information, non-working pages.

3)  No customer service or help available

4) No refunds if you are unsatisfied - Most of these fly-by-night paid survey websites won't even respond to your refund requests, and once their website gets shut down due to complaints, they  start another one under a different name.

This article is all about you making money, not us, so just remember: No matter what a program promises about "helping" you make money with surveys, if they are asking you to pay, don't do it.

Legitimate Online Surveys are administered by 'Agencies' or 'Groups' that are paid by companies who are interested in getting people's opinions about a product or service, so they can best know how to market it, that's why it is called "Market Research."

A VERY important thing for a company to know is exactly WHO their "target market" is or if they have already determined that, HOW their "target market" will react to what they are offering. This information is invaluable to the success of their marketing campaigns and to get it, they are willing to pay for your opinion.

Pretty much every ad or commercial you have ever seen has been put through this process before it was ever "rolled out" to the public. It is estimated that the average adult, in the U.S., is subjected to over 1000 ads per day, so obviously, there is A LOT of "Market Research" going on!

That being said, understand that the Market Research Surveys who's objective it is to determine WHO their target market is will ALL be available to you, but those who's objective it is to determine WHAT their target market thinks may or may not apply to you. Obviously, if you don't qualify as part of their predetermined target market, they are not concerned with your opinion.

Don't worry, no matter what your particular personal characteristics are, one way or another, there will be almost endless opportunities for you to participate and profit, but this is where "working smarter" comes in.

We will share with you the "Panels" that have been the most profitable for participants that have reported back to us, so don't worry about that, but when applying to them there are a few, very important, guidelines that you need to adhere to:
1) Be Truthful (not that you wouldn't be, but...) sometimes, with very lucrative surveys and focus groups, people have been tempted to try to take them more than once, using an alias. DO NOT DO IT, even if a particular survey is for anonymous participants.

You might get away with it once or twice, but sooner than later, they will find you out by cross referencing or by your IP and you will be out, permanently! 

Don't jump over dollars to pick up dimes or shoot yourself in the foot. You can make money for a long time doing surveys if you play it straight.

2) Fill out the applications thoroughly (they are usually very short) and double check that all of your information is as accurate as possible. It is a BIG deal to every company that they are dealing with a real person, so only give them information that can be verified if it needs to be (They will also need it to mail you money).

3) Join as many as you can, as soon as you can.  All of the Survey Panels are staging new surveys frequently and they are all looking for reliable participants for them. The more you are signed up for, the more opportunities you will be offered and the more you actually do, the amount you're offered will increase even more. That is a nice situation to be in!

There are more than enough opportunities to get paid for surveys, but you have to ensure that you are notified about them. So immediately after you sign up for a particular group make sure to ALWAYS CHECK YOUR EMAIL because most send a confirmation email for you to open and click a link to verify that you are you.

Obviously, different companies use different "Agencies" or "Groups" to administer their Market Research, so each one has entirely different paid survey opportunities. Once in a blue moon, some really large company may contract with more than one to administer surveys, but typically they each have their own, unique to them.

That being the case, how do you drastically increase your survey profit possibilities? Logically, you join several of the right Survey Panels. You see, when you join a survey company, you are joining their "Panel," in other words, you are in their database of possible participation candidates and you are notified whenever they have a survey or focus group that you fit the qualifications for. The more you join, the more money you will make.

Below are the Survey Companies that have been determined to be the best of the best, as reported by actual participants, in terms of the number and frequency of surveys available, highest proportion of lucrative offers, prior notification (giving you ample time to apply and participate), timely results processing, and prompt payouts.


Top Paid Survey Programs
(See Reviews Below)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 56 Days $34.00 4.5 60 Days $39.50
4 30 Days $34.95
3.5 30 Days $37.00

Rating: 5 out of 5

PaidSurveysEtc run by Michelle McAllister stands out among all the others. It has an excellent back office and makes it WAY less time consuming than the others. PaidSurveysEtc offers surveys that pay $5 to $75 and many can be completed in 25 minutes or less. You can also participate in Focus Groups that pay up to $100 for live discussions. They offer phone surveys that pay up to $100 and product testing up to $50. Another cool feature of this program is that you can preview movie trailers before the public sees them and they will pay up to $50 for that. Many other program make these claims, but PaidSurveysEct makes it far easier and less difficult and confusing. This program has a large database of companies that always pay on time. Sometimes they offer a 50% off coupon, actually it ends up being more that 50%, so that makes this even better and it is easily the top pick.

One Time: $ 34.00 (with coupon)

To Check it out for yourself: CLICK HERE



Rating: 4.5 out of 5 by Julia Evans features one of the largest databases of paying companies with a huge amount quality surveys. These companies pay $10 to $100 for surveys and up to $100 for focus groups. The thing that really separates this program from the others is the enormous amount of surveys available. Any time we wanted to take a survey or participate in a focus group it was available. They offer a terrific 4 bonus package that is actually worth more than the cost of the program. With frequent updates, very high customer satisfaction, this program is very good. The price is a little bit higher and if it wasn't this could very well be our top pick.

One Time: $ 39.50

To Check it out for yourself: CLICK HERE


Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Paid Surveys Online features database of over 275 Survey and Mystery Shopper Companies. These companies pay $5 to $100 for surveys and up to $100 for Focus Groups. You can make money viewing movie trailers, trying new products, and even win prizes and get free products. They also offer bonus programs that can make some money, but the survey system is the real money maker here.

One Time: $ 34.50

To Check it out for yourself: CLICK HERE


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Get Cash For Surveys offers surveys online up to $100 and Phone surveys up to $100 for thirty minutes. The Focus groups pay up to $100 and product testing allows you to keep the product. You can also participate in Real World Focus Groups, Secret Shopper Programs and even go out to eat for free. They offer some great Bonuses including software that helps you easily sign up with hundreds of companies and they even send email invitations to participate in surveys. This program is a little more expensive, but with the added features and many different ways to make money it is worth it. situation.

One Time: $ 37.00

To Check it out for yourself: CLICK HERE


Top Paid Survey Programs
(See Reviews Above)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 56 Days $34.00 4.5 60 Days $39.50
4 30 Days $34.95
3.5 30 Days $37.00