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"I went to a presentation at a local hotel for Options Made Easy(TM) with about 2 dozen others and none of them were knowledgeable about options in the first place. That's exactly what the Options people are hoping for. A salesman talked for two solid hours about how good their product is.

So, I took the product home to check it out and I discovered that you can get most of this information from free websites and from reading charts. I can understand how someone that is unfamiliar with the availability of this fiancial data(at no cost) would think this was great."

The Options Made Easy(TM) "Free" seminar claims that it will teach you how to improve you fortunes in the options market, but it is really a sales pitch for a $2,500+ product. You will also be expected to pay around $50 per month for a "feed" and they suggest another $150+ for additional software, so it is far from "Free."


Name of the Company You are Reviewing:: Options Made Easy

Your Name: Shane

Location(ex: Austin, Tx):: Denver, CO.

Is your review based on FIRSTHAND information?: Yes

The Options made Easy staff are very good at deception. They glorify their product and make it feel as if you will undoubtably make money with ease. I purchased the product with hopes to bring in extra money, not to become a millionaire overnight.

I began day trading and quickly noticed that the charts they provide would show the current status of the option. Several hours after watching the option the chart would completely change from start to current time. The new chart showed a bad trade and resulted in my loss. In a single day I watched an option change completely three times. The graphs are not accurate.

The staff told me it was my lack of knowledge and traing. I'm not blind!!! I called the service department numerouse times with my experience. Each time they beat around the bush until I was tired of dealing with them. They would not give reason for the problem and changed the topic.

In one case the staff member agreed with what I told him I observed. Another staff member set up a desk top file on my computer. He told me every couple of days I should open the file and delet a file called Bar Cache. He said that would reset the feed. Why should I have to do this and why did they not mention this before. This product DOESN'T work. I have only lost money using this product as a result of it's false information.


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