Online Government Auctions

Interest in Online Government Auctions is definitely on the rise, but along with that comes unscrupulous outfits that will try to capitalize and seperate you from your money!

A large number of sites have popped up advertising information about government auctions. Since the government is not in the business of warehousing cars, jewelry, realestate, and anything else they might seize they do try to sell it quick, and that usually means CHEAP! You truly can get some tremendous bargains if you know about an auction and attend it.

Herein lies the problem, the government is not much into advertising either, maybe a one line classified ad announcing an auction. People want to know about them, but usually there are relatively few individuals at each one.

That is where the Online Government Auction websites enter into the picture. For a fee you can become a member of one of these sites and supposedly you will be notified of auctions in your area. Unfortunately about 98% of these sites are bogus, they will take your money alright, but you may or may not here from them again and they may charge a lot more on your card than you agreed to!

Most of these sites have no one handling customer service, they don't return emails or phone calls and that is assuming they have a valid email address or phone number, most do not!

The websites for these Bogus companies usually look pretty pathetic also. They are hard to navigate and usually look as though a rand amateur just threw the site up!

All of the above are signs to look for when trying to find a legit Online Government Auction info site. There are very few real companies that do this and they are very good, but the Fake sites are really giving them headaches. My advice is to check them out thoroughly BEFORE you give out any of your personal information, especially your card number.

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