One Minute Millionaire

One Minute Millionaire! Find out what Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen DO NOT want you to know!

This information proports to be able to thoroughly educate anyone, regardless of past experience, in businesses ranging from Internet Marketing to Real Estate.

Each of these topics have been written about extensively in countless books, yet Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen claim to be so omnipotent that they can teach you everthing you need to know in ONE small course!

The only topic that Robert Allen is remotely qualified in is Real Estate with No Money Down and there are numerous people who will attest to the fact that he is only out to make a quick buck with that!

Mark Victor Hansen is well know for his books "Chicken Soup", you know "for the Soul" and all of that. To my knowledge(I research money making programs all day for a living) I know of nothing he has done except for writing these books.

One Minute Millionaire is an obvious attempt to use the celebrity of Hansen to pad the pockets of both individuals. If these two men had the dynamic energy and expertise that they claim, they would not need to profit from it, they would already be the wealthiest men in the World!

I have spent years researching Internet Marketing and I am a bit offended that Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen claim to be experts when there is nothing to back up their claim!

This course is so filled with BONUS offers that it would take months to go through them all and by that time the "Money Back Guarantee" would have convieniently expired.

It is my humble opinion that better information on any of these topics can be found in numerous other places, for much less money. Don't Believe The Hype!

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