One Minute Commissions

One Minute Commissions claims that their "cash disrupters" are the key to making you $27/minute (or whatever). You are about to get a wake up call!

I have been around the internet for about 16 years and seen literally thousands of programs and I won't say that One Minute Commissions "takes the cake." Far from it! It looks like a bunch of kids got together (on Facebook) and tried to rip off one of the ones that actually does "take the cake."

I will say that I have rarely seen so many terrible acting performances in a row as with the people on this thing. We are expected to believe, that this young woman, sitting in some austere apartment is making $25K+ / PER DAY.


This rags-to-riches tale used in the One Minute Commissions video is "as old as the hills" and has absolutely been done to death!

This over-the-top nonsense talks about being absolutely free and right off the bat they want you to spend $46!? Oh, and right, this woman is actually going to give you these million dollar secrets for $46!

The crazy thing is that they are showing you "Clickbank" payment pages as proof, but they don't even use "Clickbank" themselves! They use something called "Click Sure" which is out of CHINA and you will NOT be able to bring money into a U.S. bank from CHINA.

If I had a nickel for all of the programs that I have seen that say, "you don't have to know anything, do anything, and only spend about 20 minutes a week" to make a bunch of money, I would have a lot more than I already do.

One Minute Commissions is a set up to put you into an up sell funnel and try to get A LOT of money out of you, so they can "teach you" how to use all of these "free" methods.

One participant told me that he could not even get into the website he was supposed to get with this.

You can believe what I am telling you or not and if you don't, PLEASE email me after you find out that it is true. I promise, I won't say, "I told you so."

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