Nigerian Scams

Nigerian Scams are one of the most prevelant reports I receive, for some reason there are a lot of financial fraud activities that originate in Nigeria, it has been reported that there are training programs in Nigeria that do nothing but teach individuals to commit financial crimes.

According to the report I have seen, the main crimes that are committed by these Nigerian scams are those having to do with credit cards, banking, the internet and money laundering.

I personally received and invitation to fly to Nigeria and open a bank account, into which $5 million dollars was to be deposited. The person sending the invitation gave me some long story about how she could't get her inheritance from her father since she was no longer a Nigerian citizen, but since I was American, I could open and account in Nigeria and she would split the money with me!

Well, needless to say I did not pack my bags for Nigeria. It was apparently some sort of money laudering scheme.

Most of these Nigerian Scams don't involve something as drastic as flying to Nigeria, it is usually something that seems much more legit.

I have seen a Nigerian Scam that informs you of winning the lottery in some other country, they say you were entered because of your subscription to some magazine. They inform you(with an official looking doucument)that you must first pay the taxes on your winnings and they will send you the rest of the money. Obviously people that send $9000 or whatever the amount, never see that money again.

Another Nigerian Scam is indentity theft, the somehow get your personal information, open mainly credit card accounts and lines of credit and max them out while ruining your credit.

These scams are big business and there is some suspicion that the banking system in Nigeria is somehow involved. That is not a proven fact just a suspicion. There are also many internet scams perpetrated by Nigerians. The rule of thumb is that if it sounds to out of the ordinary, it probably is a scam. There is not much new under the sun and promises of a lot of money for a little are definitely not new, so DON'T FALL FOR IT!

I would be very wary of doing any kind of business that has anything to do with Nigeria, unless I checked it out THOROUGHLY!

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