Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing is the wave of the future for serious internet marketers. There is an old saying that goes, "if you try to market to everyone, you market to no one."

This especially holds true for internet marketing! With the global reach of the internet, you have a market encompasses an unlimited array of cultures, beliefs, interests, and socio-economic situations. To attempt to market to all of these different groups would be a futile effort!

Niche marketing is the only hope of success. A niche is a group of people that share a common characteristic and there are a million of them. These groups all read the same magazines, watch the same TV shows, respond to the same adds, and in most cases interact with each other.

Obviously, to focus on a Niche group that have buying habits in common will translate to the biggest possibility of commercial success. The larger the Niche with the fewest competitors trying to fill it, the better off you will be!

There are certain niches, if they could be called that, that have a common thread, but still encompass a wide array of individuals. Such as, religion, political affiliation ect. These groups are the type that would NOT necessarily fit the type of group you are looking for.

On the other hand, Fly Fishermen, Deer Hunters, Pizza Shop Owners, Tennis Players ect. are specialized groups and would typically respond to the same sort of offers.

The more focused the Niche group, the easier it will be to target a marketing campaign that will get the most conversions and that is the name of the game!

If you focus on Niche Marketing you will greatly simplify your efforts and find yourself in a situation that "one size fits all" and that is where you want to be.

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