NetBux .org asks if you would like to work from home? Well everyone would answer yes! If you are offered to search the net and click on advertisement for about 10 seconds and get paid $0.02 per click, you are likely to jump at the opportunity, but I wouldn't!

Add to it an opportunity to double your income by receiving referral fees of $1, you are most likely to pay that $1 and get referred by someone else. All this would be true if some of your acquaintances have actually made more money from clicking!

But, Nobody makes money like this. Schemes like this come up, in some form or another quite often. Look at economics from the side of advertisers.

Netbux had their Google account terminated as they urged members to “Click Here” which was a violation of their AdSense policy. Finally, this company settled on (not on Google) $75000 ad impressions for $29. That means that owner would get 0.00003 for each ad search. If he were to pay you $0.04 per par search, (if he indeed pays), he would lose on every search you make. If you pay any referral fee he might make money.

Perhaps that is how he makes money.

Netbux first appeared in April 2005 and is already down in dumps. Chad P French is supposed to own the, and the likes of it namely, search-pay, pay-pup, pay-pup2, ibux, and moneyjet. His address? No wonder it is not traceable.

If you come across a link like, similar with some number, it pays to ignore this link completely, as you will not waste money, time and energy going after money, which nobody seems to have made.

There is all kinds of funny business going on here and I would definitely avoid this one.

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