Neil Shearing

Neil Shearing holds a PhD in cancer research and seems an unlikely candidate for writing books on internet marketing, at least that is what I thought. No more now that I know about Neil Shearing.

He worked at Toledo, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois and then studied at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland for his doctoral thesis.

He was always fascinated by internet and was intrigued by the frauds on the net. To protect against such frauds he started a consumer protection agency ScanFreeZone in 1997.

Thereafter he wrote a series books and software on the subject of internet. His books and software are detailed as below.

1. Internet Success Blueprint – In this, he shares his fascinating experiences on the net. He also wrote about power of internet to garner more money for himself.

2. 3. Internet Success Diamonds – As the name suggests, this book is about success stories in the net.

4. Internet Success Interviews – This is about Audio interview of the success stories on the net.

5. Internet Success Spider – Now he launched the software, a truly original piece of software that "Super Affiliates" and also superb at hunting down "power links" increase popularity of your web site on the net.

6. Yahoo Exposed – If you wish to get higher rankings on Yahoo!, this is the book you should read.

All these are part of the new Internet Success Associate Program started by Neil recently.

It is a tribute to his greatness that Neil was on was on the panel of “merchant experts" at the Internet Affiliate Solutions 2001 Seminar in London alongside such internet affiliate marketing experts as Declan Dunn and others.

Neil’s information and expertise will certainly help your internet marketing business, but there are many other aspects to a successful internet business. Only people who have actually built an online business know all of the crucial details and if you can follow simple, proven, step-by-step instructions explained by an internet marketing expert, you can easily start and operate a successful global internet business.

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