National Grants Conference

Lately I have had many people asking me about National Grants Conferences and so I did some investigation and found out what the real deal is!

It is a fact that the government does offer grants and low interest loans to those that qualify and can fill out ALL the paperwork correctly, this is where this program comes in.

The catch is that this expert help will cost you around $1000.00 and "National Grants Conferences" DO NOT guarantee that you will receive one dime from their assistance!

If you attend this seminar you will also find out that it is not really all about "grants." You will also be exposed to many "Home Business" Offers, some wanting you to spend thousands of dollars. There are different companies that have reps at these seminars and they try very hard to get you to sign up for their home business "opportunities."

You may think you are going just to find out about getting some grant money, but you will find yourself in the middle of a sales pitch for something completely different!

The companies that the are involved may vary, but one they have worked with is Unim aka Unim LLC, which is a company that supposedly puts people in the website selling business.

Unim has a whole host of complaints against them and some have lost $10,000 or more getting involved with them. If you are interested in internet marketing, which you should be, there are much better and way less expensive ways to get involved.

If you go to the National Grants Conferences be prepared because there is much more in store for you than just finding out about grants. Applying for and receiving a grant is a long and difficult process, the paper work has to be just right and you have to apply to the right place. Even after all that work,chances are not good that you will get it.

I don't mean to discourage you, I only say that because there are definitely much less expensive and less time consuming ways other than National Grants Conferences to get all the money you need. To see for yourself Click Here

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