National Opportunities

National Opportunities out of Littleton, CO makes BIG PROMISES about how simple there program is and how honest they are. Do you want to know the WHOLE shocking story? Read On!

I am sure that you got a phone call from one of National Opportunities’ friendly reps wanting to see if you are “qualified” and then you listened to the audio telling you how “easy” it will be for you to make money.

Then the rep goes on to tell you that you can be all “set up” within a couple of days and making money. The “packages” that you can choose from are between $100 and $400. But there is something MUCH more sinister going on here.

National Opportunities, also know as Triple Income Opportunities, tells you that all you have to do is advertise and they will do the rest. If you are new to the internet, how exactly are you supposed to advertise? They’ve got that all figured out for you too!

You will receive a call from WorldWide Marketing (also out of Littleton, CO) that is supposed to “help” you to get the word out about your business. They claim that they are no part of National Opportunities, but how would they have your name if they weren’t?

Anyway, WorldWide Marketing will want you to make an appointment to have you listen to their sales pitch and it is very convincing. They make an almost irresistible offer to advertise your Business with 50 television commercials.

After all, they are World Wide Marketing so it makes perfect sense that they would actually be able to get you on TV, right? They then go on to reinforce how much money you will make with this TV campaign.

At this point, MANY people have lost their senses and are blinded by the excitement of being on TV. After you’re all excited about the money you are going to make, they lay out their plan to “help” you become wildly successful.

Unfortunately, MANY people have fallen for this and found themselves in the exact situation that I am helping you avoid.

WorldWide Marketing is going to ask you for about $9, 425 to get your National Opportunities Business (or whatever else you are in that is hooked up with WorldWide) going, but that’s not all…

There of course will be finance charges for putting it on your credit card AND ongoing monthly charges that are almost, if not impossible to stop. But that is still not all…

You will have absolutely NO WAY of knowing if your TV commercials ever even aired and there is a very good chance that they won’t and according to many who have contacted me, their website never worked either and there are NO REFUNDS.

AND… there have been unfavorable reports on many of the companies that National Opportunities claims to be partnering with, so if you want to get involved with this game of smoke and mirrors that is up to you. However, if you want to see a very Low Cost, High Profit way to REALLY make money from home, I would strongly advise that you Click Here

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