MyInternetBusiness / YourNetBiz

MyInternetBusiness now called YourNetBiz (why the name change?) is ANOTHER one of the COUNTLESS supposed GPT (get paid today)programs that have come and gone in the last few years. If you get involved with YourInternetBiz BEFORE you read this page, your disappointment will be self induced!

In association with the Turn-Key Marketing Group, MyInternetBusiness makes the same bold claims that MANY (to numerous to name) make. First of all, in my YEARS of experience warning the public I have seen the words "turnkey system" used thousands of times.

Unfortunately out of the Hundreds of emails and phone calls I have received, these systems DON'T make money for 99.9% of the people that get involved!

MyNetBiz offers the same things that the others offer: In-Demand Products, Websites, Support, and most of all training and mentoring. When you here this, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

What that translates into is YOU paying A LOT more money. With MyInternetBusiness it has the same worn out "UP" system. Which means that you will pay from $300 to $2000 just to get in and this payment goes "UP" to your sponsor. Then you are required to find others that will do the same thing.

The catch is IF you ever do find anyone, the first sales also go up to the sponsor and you make ZIP.

This claims to be virtually automated, but let me tell you, I have had so many people contact me to help them market their "automated system."

If it's so automated, why do they need help marketing it? The only people that will ever see it are the ones that you personally drive to it. That means BUYING EXPENSIVE LEADS!

YourInternetBusiness / MyNetBiz has a flashy movie and website, but realize that doesn't, by a long shot, guarantee that you will make money. It does however, guarantee that you'll spend a lot.

I do agree with one thing though, the internet IS the place to be. You DO NOT need to start out in a BIG HOLE with something like MyInternetBusiness. All you need is a simple step by step blueprint of how to operate Low Cost, High Profit Internet Business that REALLY works.

It is MUCH easier than you think and when you have the knowledge it's incredibly inexpensive to make money online.

I have seen too many people lose a lot of money with programs like this, so I do not recommend MyInternetBusiness / YourNetBiz. I have tried and tested Hundreds of Online Opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see for yourself Check It out here!

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