My Millionaire Mentor Scam or Legit?

My Millionaire Mentor is a new twist on binary trading (sort of) that is gaining much popularity among serious traders. However, you need to know the whole story about My Millionaire Mentor scam or not?

First of all, we have just GOT to talk about the website and promotional material on it. Is this some SERIOUS HYPE or what?! 

I mean, come on, he is going to give you $500 for watching his video (not) or so he says, and these testimonials are obviously (to me anyway) people that were hired on fivver. They are so over-the-top  that it almost forces you to try to find out if My Millionaire Mentor is for real. Well,  now you will…

I gotta tell ya, I have been online full-time for 13 years and there are not to many real ‘experts’ out there that I have never, at least, heard of (most of whom I actually know), but Ryan Mathews is NOT one that falls in either category. I guess it is possible that I have just never heard of him, but not likely. I’m just sayin’… It is not an anomaly for people to use made up, fictitious personas online. I can show you a lot of examples and I mean A LOT!

The unusual thing (among many) about My Millionaire Mentor, as I said in the outset, is supposed to be about Binary Trading, which is a cool sounding thing and actually is a cool thing, IF you are very familiar with what you are doing. Most people are not really familiar with binary trading and it is very easy to find out all you want to know, but  suffice it to say, “it takes a lot of money, a lot of time, and no small amount of NERVE.”

Millinaire Mentor, for the most part is not about binary trading, well, it is, but not so much. What it is more about is website traffic (huh!).  Ryan Mathews (?) is really interested in having ONLY 50 People (which is what the website said months ago) in his website traffic brokerage program.  He wants you to pay him $49/mnth to be involved in what appears to be a traffic co-op, of which you are buying a share, getting some traffic (very untargeted traffic I would imagine) and I guess you can use it for your own website, if you have one OR you can try to find website owners to sell it to.

But what if you do not have a website OR anyone to sell your traffic to? That’s ok, it’s all covered because you will have your own coach to help you navigate thru the simple six steps, that all the people on the website claimed to have used to make all this money, with absolutely zero experience and apparently little or no time or effort put into it. Now, just yesterday there were a lot of cute little babies born all around the world, but I wasn’t one of them. I have to defer to King Solomon on this one “… the inexperienced one believes in every word, but the wise one…” you get it.

Can it definitively be said that My Millionaire Mentor is a straight up scam, not really. There apparently is a product and apparently a service offered (if you put $250 in a account, in a binary options trading platform that is) and even an opportunity (or something that looks like one). I personally find it VERY hard to believe that the kind of money they are talking about is going to be made from selling random traffic to random website owners and definitely not from binary options without TONS of prior experience. I have tried and tested hundreds of online programs and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income and it is 100% Free. To see it for yourself, simply CLICK HERE.