advertises a very unique system to drive traffic to your site, but does it actually deliver?

There "one of a kind high-tech-inteli software" was supposedly designed several years ago and has been utilized by the adult website industry and Casino websites to drive an incredible amount of traffic to these sites. Realistically, there is no way to verify these claims and they are certainly not giving any references.

They explain in a very lengthy description, on a very slick website, how they will build you a "base" site(capture page) by creating "unique hybrid version" of their Inteli-software just for you, by sending their robots to gather data from your site, and then be able to drive enormous amounts of pre-sold, ready to buy traffic to your site. Of course, that is a very simplified version that takes several pages of explanation on and in principal sounds good.

All of the talk about Data Delivery Sites, Software Networks, and "highly advanced spider communication components" sounds very impressive in it's complexity. Personally, I found myself thinking, is either the best thing since sliced bread or one of the biggest whoppers I have ever heard. I mean they make some pretty bold claims such as; Never market your website again, never advertise again, never learn anything new, never send an email, basically never do anything again.

I can't count how many times I have heard or seen those claims before, maybe not this bold, but very similar. I thought wow, if it was only true! I hate to admit it, but in the beginning, I actually wasted $1000's finding out that it wasn't!

Of course, the fear of loss is what keeps most people from trying something new, but MoreThanTraffic has got that covered too. They promote pay per results, in other words, you pay nothing until you actually make money! I discovered that this is not exactly true, but more on that later.

They promise to deliver enough traffic for you to make $100,000 and then and only then do you pay. For each $100,000 that you make, you pay them $15000. They claim to have some way of knowing that you have actually made $100,000, so they have that covered as well. This all sounds great and there is apparently nothing to lose, or at least not much!

There Actually is a cost. If you want to set this up for one domain the cost is $169 for a year, for 5 domains $559, and for 10 it's $799, and varying costs for any number in between. This certainly sounds fair even if you only make one $100,000, but you will not see results until sometime down the road!

I am not trying to convince you to join or not to join, that is your call, but I will tell you that back when I first started on the internet, I was bombarded by companies promising incredible results. The catch was always that it would take months to see results. Well, I never saw any results, but I was able to write off the cost which was some consolation. Of course, I would rather have the money!

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