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I receive several emails and phone calls on a daily basis about this company. They usually pertain to their bombardment of people with faxes and no way to be removed from their list. This company continually faxes out promotional information morning, noon and the middle of the night.

They supposedly offer several different money making programs, here is an unsolicited email from an ACTUAL participant:



If you are approached by a company called the (parent company known as Momentum Marketing) STAY AWAY!! It starts out as a simple affiliate site that you can set up for yourself, to sell online books.

Then, they will contact you by either e-mail or letter asking you to be in their marketing program, where they are only accepting a limited number of applicants (of course for a fee). Momentum Marketing tells you that they have teams and team leaders who will be assigned to handle and run your business for one year.

Then they will bring all who have participated to a certain place (mine was Hawaii) to give a testimonial about the program and how "easy" it is to make money. They ask you to put up $2,000.00 and they tell you they will put up $8,000.00 to equal $10,000.00, which will be used to purchase advertising for your site to draw traffic and sales to your business.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Momentum Marketing also says that you will work closely with your team leader and that your team will do all the work for you. HOGWASH!! What they do is purchase bulk banner advertising on other sites, but they don't tell you where they place these banners for you to see.

Also, the team leader NEVER calls or contacts you. What you receive for your $2,000.00 is a single manilla envelope with 4 banner advertising lists and the number of "hits" they purchased for each one. Plus they give you an e-mail address to write to if you have any questions or concerns about your program, but these e-mails are never answered.

I have put in over 70 calls to Momentum Marketing trying to find my team leader, speak to someone about my business, find out where my 2000.00 was spent and I get blocked every time I call. The calls never get past the receptionist who tells you she/he will pass the message along for you!

I received the letter approach from a man by the name of Justin Edwards, Vice President of Momentum Marketing, who called me in the initial approach and I even have his cell number and office number, but he has never once returned a single call from me for anything!

The company is out of Baton Rouge, LA so I have put a call in to the Attorney General's office to file a complaint but they cannot guarantee any results. So, if you get an e-mail from them don't respond, just delete it and BLOCK THEM FROM YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!

Michael S. Poor

San Antonio, TX


Obviously, I do not recommend Momentum Marketing and I have tried and tested thousands of opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a ROCK SOLID income. To See Click Here

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