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Network Marketing, MLM - Multi Level Marketing is what Donald Trump said when he was asked what he would have done, had his father not been in Real Estate, he replied "probably some kind of Network Marketing". Certainly a great endorsement from someone who knows how to make some money. He undoubtedly has heard of the few people that actually made great fortunes in this industry.

I personally am a veteran of Network Marketing, MLM, Relationship marketing or whatever you want to call it. I received written permission from my parents, to become an Amway Distributor when I was 15.I saw the potential of mlm then, just as you do now.

I still see the potential, many years and many companies later. I have had good(very good) and bad(very bad) experiences in my mlm career. I may write a book about it, but I'll try not to do that here. What I will do, is give you an objective opinion, based on experience.

To start off, I would warn you about getting involved with any company that does not have a stand alone product. In other words, Do they have a product that is needed and WANTED by the general public, or is it all about recruiting? A stand alone product insures that at least, you can make some money if you find recruiting difficult.

The idea is not to dig the same hole twice, and that can only mean one thing. Autoship! All successful mlmer's know, that you must have a product that you sell once, but that pays you month after month. Like Vitamins, long distance service, internet access etc.

The problem you will find here is, if people are willing to pay month after month for something, it will not be a secret. There will be a lot of competition for that dollar, so keeping someone on Autoship is VERY difficult, unless they feel it is a necessity!

Historically, the main money maker for MLM companies has been and will be, Front Loading. Network Marketing companies usually have two or three different levels to choose from when joining. You will always be advised to buy the most product or get the highest level of service, basically start at the top.

There is some validity to "coming in" at the top; you’re recruits WILL(unless you lie)do what you did and so on. Your perspective sponsor will urge you to start at the top. Be careful or you will end up with a garage full of products you will never sell, and couldn't possibly use.

I would advise you against getting involved with a company that does not have a PROVEN SYSTEM for recruiting. It must be 100% duplicatable or it will fail.As I mentioned above, you will do what your sponsor does and so will your recruits.The recruiting system must be almost cookie cutter in it’s simplicity, or you will lose control in the lower levels, people will become frustrated and move to another opportunity.

I have tried to give the Basic General Criteria, that must be in place for a program to be successful. There are many variations of the mlm concept and each one will tell you how great they are or how great they are going to be! The reality is, Network Marketing is mostly Hype. The products are typically overpriced, and the competition is cut throat. The odds are about 1000 to 1 against you, but if everything is in place and the timing is right, you could be one of the very select few who actually wins this game.

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