Millionaire Society

Millionaire Society is yet another creation of Mack Michaels and now you will find out if it is really for you.

Mack Michaels has been the name used for several products, so this definitely is not the first time around for this guy. The program Maverick Money Makers was a very popular Clickbank product or should I say, it was marketed by a lot of affiliates.

Maverick was a pretty typical Internet Marketing course that gave some good, but readily available information. Most of what is contained in that offering can be found on the internet at no cost.

Mack Michaels is also behind a program called Cell Phone Cash. This program allowed people to take advantage of the smart phone craze by allowing them to advertise to phones. This was geared to affiliate marketing with some nice videos. I don't know if affiliate marketers made any money with these techniques or they simply made money selling the product, which is normally the case.

The Millionaire Society has recently released a "Domain Flipping" course. Really!?! Domain Flipping!

Domain flipping is basically buying Domain Names and then trying to sell them! This has been around forever and some people did make a lot of money with it YEARS ago.

Millionaire Society and Mack Michaels may have come up with some new twist here, but I find it surprising that anyone would even revisit this topic. There is TONS of information out on the internet about buying and selling domains, especially since there is a pretty high price tag for Millionaire Society vs. the material it delivers.

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