Millenium Marketing Concepts

If you are seeking a passive income do not hook up with Millenium Marketing Concepts!

You'll be promised a professional appearing web site (they will do thatfor $250.00). Then the upsell. They have a side line business with Casey Consulting who promises to do all the marketing of the site and promote an insurance program of which you are to be the affiliate. Millenium Marketing will promise, for $1200.00, that their "large" marketing team would drive traffic to your site and that you should make twice the investment in a year.

They promise very few visitors. You would think that even a "Dufus" would have recognized a problem here. When you call to complain and they offer an upgrade. You call again to find not one Penny has been earned by this site and their "marketing team."

Now they avoid your calls, make an appointment to call you and then tell me they are too busy marketing to take my calls. They hide behind a Nevada corporation.

They have many ads on the internet and they also market this business by email lists. Millenium Marketing Concepts takes advantage of a Newbies, even Senior Citizens new to the internet.

Stay Clear!

Don't waste your time with these "turn-key opportunities" who promise to do it all for you. They will rip you off everytime! Success on the internet is much easier and way less expensive than you think. I have tried and tested Hundreds of Opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see for yourself Click Here

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