Michelle Owens or Is It Withrow?

Michelle Owens (if there actually is such a person) says that “she” is a work at home “Authority.” Now "Michelle's" last name has recently and mysteriously changed to Michelle Withrow.

Could it be that there were to many people finding out that "she"was a fake?

Whatever the reason, the content (or lack thereof) on the website Work At Home – Authority certainly doesn’t justify that title.

On the other hand, THIS website you’re on right now, has over 1,500 reviews and hundreds and hundreds of customer postings and I don’t even go so far as to call myself an authority. Even though I have a verifiable 14 year track record and you can actually call me.

There are SO many of these jicky little 1 or 2 page “review” sites out there like Michelle Owens' WorkAtHome-Authority.com claiming that they have tried X number of programs and found the top 2 or 3 it’s ridiculous. Then they proceed to recommend total GARBAGE.

Michelle Owens recommends: “Survey Revenue System” PLEASE!

There is this guy, see, he has been putting up “data entry” sites and “paid survey” sites for a long time. He always uses fictitious female names, you know, like: Julie Thompsonor something like that. The websites that he puts up all use the same colors, the same 50% coupon, pretty much the same everything.

I don’t know if “Survey Revenue System” is from this guy, I’M JUST SAYIN…

Also Michelle Owens recommends “Instant Income Access” another BIG…PLEASE!

There are literally hundreds of websites online that are a carbon copy of this except with different names. They all use the SAME little video about the “Cherry Hill Mom” who made her dreams come true with a home business. This nonsense is about “link posting”for companies which is called AFFILIATE MARKETING. This however tries to make you think that it is an easy thing to do, it’s NOT. What it is is a MAJOR money and time waster.

I may seem a little bitter, but I have heard from literally THOUSANDS of people who blew money on stuff like this and I am so sick of all of the fakes and trickery.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this (I’m not), but if I am and “Michelle Owens” would give me a call, I will eat my words and announce to the world that I was wrong. I WON’T HOLD MY BREATH!

I DO NOT recommend Michelle Owens (celebrating her 5th year online, yeah!) or anything she / he / they recommend.

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