Michelangelo Lopez / UOIS

Michelangelo Lopez (actually spelled Michaelangelo) is the Ringmaster of the University of Internet Science. Read this whole page or waste your time and maybe your money!

The Michelangelo Lopez is supposed to teach you all about succeeding on the internet, my experience with his UOIS was a colossal waste of time. Lopez runs it like a Ego Maniacal Dictator, but it does give decent information every now and then.

When Lopez is not ranting, raving, drooling, playing music, sound effects, or going out to have a cigar. You're about to find out what time it Really is Before you go creeping into this!

The idea behind UniversityofInternetScience.com and TakeTheDamnRedPill.com is to get you into one of the countless "Cash Gifting" programs that DON'T WORK or the MLM Monavie which is incredibly difficult to do.

It is promoting the program The Overnight Cash System ( TOCS ), which is yet another of the endless number of Cash Gifting Programs that are coming out of the woodwork. All making BIG promises, but not living up to them.

TOCS is a 1UP style program, meaning that you will make $0 on the first person you "dig up" who is willing to ACTUALLY subject themselves to this. TOCS has 5 levels $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000 and where you come in should be a direct function of how much of a Loss you can absorb.

Michaelangelo Lopez does the same song and dance as all the other Cash Gifting Activities that have come and GONE over the decades. You are instructed to bring prospects to a recruiting three-way-call and the third party verification endeavors to convince them to give up their CASH!

The whole justification for the alleged legitimacy of The Overnight Cash System is "The Gifting Law." An obscure law initially passed for the benefit of the Mega Wealthy allowing them a pass to give "before tax gifts," up to $10,000, to members of their FAMILY.

What product or service there may be ONLY serves as an attempt to make TOCS or whatever other "deal" that Michaelangelo Lopez is into appear less shady. The University of Internet Science is, apparently, designed to lure you into these programs.

It is totally dependant upon the mood of the IRS Agent you will be talking with, whether you will simply be fined or audited up the kazoo for getting invovled.

I know MANY people that have been involved with Cash Gifting, many of whom lost a lot of money, eventually they all go bust or are slammed shut by The Big Boys.

Those programs that survive for any length of time try hard to fly under the radar which this is not. They rely on the fact that the Greedy or somebody who gets popped won't twist a kink.

To "enter" in a program like TOCS, so openly publicized on THE INTERNET, is an invitation to trouble that you DO NOT WANT!

Pushing it on the Internet is fool hearty. If the program is spyed out and it goes, so does your money, NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you get caught in a set up and linked to it, be sure that the words "tax evasion" could be a part of the little chat you have with the nice "G-Man."

To say this is "automated" is also proposterous. Even Guber is going to have to be sold before he hands over his savings to this!

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