Michael Senoff

If you have not yet seen Michael Senoff's http://www.hardtofindseminars.comyou are in for a treat! I don't know anyone who would argue that there is single soul on the internet giving away more FREE, killer marketing content than Michael Senoff!

I'm not kidding! Michael has spent the last five years of his life creating fascination streaming audio interviews with big name marketers getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous. You'd expect to have to pay to hear these gems with all the free advice, tips, and techniques Michael pulls out of them. But Michael is doing something I have never seen, until now. He gives most of his life's work away for free! I know for a fact that he could charge for a user id and password into his site. I just don't get it, I think he is making a big mistake in giving all this stuff away for free!!!

I'd like to use the word "generous" to describe Michael Senoff, but I don't even think the word "generous" would do him justice. There's got to be a different word that describes people like Michael and his over-the-top website!

I've learned much of what I know from Michael's Hard To Find Seminars website and i go to his website, at least, once a week to catch up on my reading and ongoing marketing education.

I feel like I should just get out my check book and mail Mr. Senoff a check for all that he's given me, but he would probably tell me to keep the money. That's the kind of guy he is!

However, he will take your money if you decide you'd like to get of one of the Jay Abraham or other top marketer's seminars he offers. Other than Jay Abraham himself, Michael Senoff is the single largest source of Jay Abraham material. Some of these seminars sold new for as much as fifteen thousand dollars. Michael manages to buy back these courses and seminar packages form their original owners and offer them on his website for far less than the original price.

But, after you see his Hard To Find Seminars website, you'll probably be too busy listening to 117 hours of downloakable audio interveiws, marketing lessons and transcripts from some of the GREATEST marketing minds ever!

Some of the interviews include: Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad Levinson, John Carlton, Carl Galletti, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, Grean Keith Voiles, Dremiah Phillips *CPE, Bill Myers, The PR doctor, Millionaire Mr. X, Taylor Trump, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and Mr. Arthur Hamel. I must warn you...Michael Senoff's website is totally addictive and you'll have troble even taking a bathroom break once you're on it!So, my advice to you is to get a bag of chips, aboul of popcor, or whatever snack you like and get ready to hear hours upn hours of the most powerful marketing audio you'll ever listen to.

Obviously, I highly recommend Michael and his incredible body of work.

Oh, I almost forgot, Michael has another site called Http://www.hardto find ads.com This is unbelievable. There you can get free access to wver 848 classic hard-to-find ads. Many of these ads are from the early 1900's, but will still work like magic for you today. Other ads gu up to the 50's and 60's. It's the largest digital swipe file of it's kind, in the world! It is another great resource from Michael Senoff.

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