Michael Vincent / Underground Cash Secret

Michael Vincent and his Underground Cash Secret claims to be the "only website on the internet that can have you making $150,000 per year." Now you will find out the Truth. Do you want to know what the Truth is about this?

The main thing that I can say about The Underground Cash Secret is "same old, same old!" If I had a nickel for every website that tells the same kind of Rags-to-Riches story I would have Millions.

There are SO many things like this that I get complaints about. They all say that you "Need to know nothing" and that you will be making money overnight for doing basically nothing!

They ALL show you Cars, Boats, and Mansions, this guy shows you a Tennis Court, which is a little different. But here's the drill with the Underground Cash System:

You buy into the program based on the hype and what it turns out to be is the same tired Affiliate Marketing Advice, but that's not all...

You are lead to buy more and more products and all kinds of different things that they say you "must have" to succeed. They offer you a Website for $200 that is supposed to be submitted to 200 search engines and is supposed to include Free "Coaching."

In actuality YOU have to put the website together and the "coaching" never materializes, not anywhere near "Free."

This thing just goes from bad to worse, but you won't believe what happens next. The sad part is that people fall for this. In reality, a successful internet business is one of the LEAST EXPENSIVE Businesses you can do. If you know how, but Michael Vincent and the Underground Cash Secret know that you don't!

I'll talk about that in a minute, but what happens next is even more ridiculous. You know that "free coaching" they promise? It doesn't happen because Michael Vincent will have a salesman call you and offer to SELL you the "coaching." These people are rude and pushy and are obviously just out for your money. This "offer" usually starts out at about $2000!

The sum total is that you are supposed to get products from "My Product Center" and sell them on your website. Wow, How original!

It's RIDICULOUS to pay what Michael Vincent 's Ivy Capital is asking for.

Oh, I forgot to mention the "refund" that is supposed to be so easy to get. Suffice it to say that they will give you a big time run around and in the end you would be extremely lucky to get any of your money back.

The last guy to contact me about this had a dying wife, two kids, and out of desperation tried Underground Cash Secret. He go no help, no coaching, Zip. The rude, punk salesman called, asking for a lot more money and this poor gentleman, who had spent his last dime, was told pay or get nothing, not even a refund. Boy, isn't Michael Vincent such a nice guy?

ALL you need is a REAL plan laid out for you that is simple, easy to follow and really doable. To see what has REALLY helped me succeed Click Here

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