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The use of HTML Meta Tags Keywords is dying a slow death, but its demise is inevitable. It makes no difference what Optimizer, Analyzer, or Generator you use because any way you slice it, there is now only one search engine, Inktomi, that supports this technique and that will shortly come to an end.

For those unfamiliar with Keyword Meta Tags, this was a technique by which you could load a page with the relevant keyword, but it was not visible through a browser. In other words, the search engines could see it, but the human viewer could not.

In the past, search engines would index pages containing these tags and rank them higher because they appeared more relevant to the keyword, but due to repitition and spamming all but one has foregone this practice. It is now a punishable offense with most search engines, as it is seen as an attempt to manipulate the engines. Since relevancy is the operative word, any attempt to "fool" the search engines concerning site or page relevancy is dealt with harshly.

I can't say I am sorry to see them go. It basically represented a big waste of time, considering that it made little or no difference in rankings anyway. So many people wasted SO much time on it, when there are definitely more important aspects of your website that you should concentrate on. Like: TITLE TAGS! Creating good title tags will help you across all major engines and is something worth your time.

Of course, there are many things that make you successful on the net. Good advice and direction from those that have already become successful is priority Uno. Why waste your time when you can follow an easy, PROVEN, step-by-step system. Forget the Black hat techniques and all the gimmicks, simply find out what REALLY works. For one, I say good riddance to Meta Tags!

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