Mentors On A Mission

Mentors On A Mission is Multi-Level-Marketing finger-pointing business at it's best. All the network marketing and MLM trainers talk about how much the top people make and this is no exception.

MLM marketing people do not talk about the the new people because they are not making money and they do not talk about the business of the person they have just trained..

Mentors on a Mission is trying to sell their marketing network technique in the same way. They are only going to point to people who are making money as an example and the majority, who don’t make money, of course are not mentioned.

Their rhetoric starts with what others do and do not do.

For example: They start with “direct training, online resources and focused conference calls but, we will help you grow your network marketing or small business through targeted information and prospecting information. Finding free leads to grow a sizeable organization that is specifically designed for your growth.”

Compare this with the facts stated in their web site. “Fact: Buying leads is a waste of your time and money”. Then why will free leads increase your business? Nobody explains this.

There is no detailed description of how your goals are achieved with the training from Mentors on a mission.

The web site says, “Mentors on a Mission, reports excellent initial results of the new My Digital Marketing System© that was launched in May 2005. Students and mentors are experiencing increases in sales of the course using the new automated system.” (Emphasis added). It should be a wonderful marketing system, that has started giving results students and mentors within 30 days."

There are several companies that are trying this same approach, basically making “motivation” THE product. I get emails and phone calls from people frequently, asking me to help them get their money back. Unfortunately, it is usually A LOT of money and they NEVER get it back!

You know that little voice that says, “buyer beware?” I would advise that you listen to that voice, it will save you Big money with Mentors on a Mission. If you decide to go forward with this opportunity, I would certainly suggest that you get an unlimited long distance telephone plan, you will need it!

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