Melaluca (Actually spelled Melaleuca)

The Melaleuca Home Business Program has been around for a long time and over the years I have been approached several times about becoming a representative. I looked into this opportunity years ago and again recently.

This is a large and well established consumer direct marketing company offering a wide array of products containing "tea tree" oil, derived from the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia plant. There are many documented accounts of the benefits of "tea tree" oil and there is no doubt it has some wonderful affects.

When I say a wide array of products, I am not kidding. They offer lotions, soaps, shampoos, vitamins, household cleaners, and much more. As a distributor, you would want to have your customers using these healthier products in place of what they currently use.

This type of marketing structure has been very successful in the past with companies in the MLM industry. There are however, big differences between MLM companies and Melaleuca.

As a representative of this company it is best to introduce the entire product line to your potential customers, sign them as members and have them place their orders directly with the manufacturer. Obviously, your objective is to have as many people as possible using and deriving benefit from the products.

With persistance and dedication, over time you can develop a customer base that will produce a nice income, but dedication is the operative word here. If you are completely sold on the benefits, willing to re-educate your prospects, and put in the effort you can make money.

The competition for many of these products is intense. Even though the products sold at the grocery store do not have the healthful benefits of Melalueca, those companies still spend huge amounts of money to advertise. The benefits of "tea tree" oil are starting to be publicized and are now moving into the main stream conscientousness, so the competition will continue to increase even though Melaleuca offers a pharmaceutical grade of "tea tree" oil that is far superior to others. As these products become more prevelant and readily available, it could be more of a challenge to develop and maintain a regular clientel. That being said, most people are still unfamiliar with the benefits of Melaleuca.

With this company, one of the main ingredients for success is recruiting. Developing a network of distributors will help you maintain a healthy and consistent income. The individuals that have contacted me concerning this opportunity were very persistant and aggressive, which are two of the main characteristics necessary for success.

If I would have gotten involved with Melaleuca 10 years ago, when I was first approached, I would probably be in great shape now, but now there is way to much competition!

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