You are about to find out the WHOLE STORY about Melaleuca, sometimes spelled Melaluca!

I am also going to show you a simple $27 program that "blows the doors off" of this and any others!

The Melaleuca Home Business Program has been around for a long time and over the years I have been approached several times about becoming a representative.

I looked into this opportunity years ago and again recently. Only to find that it hasn't changed, except for the fact that there are TONS more people trying to do it.

This is a large and well established consumer direct marketing company offering a wide array of products containing "tea tree" oil, derived from the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia plant.

When I say a wide array of products, I am not kidding. They offer lotions, soaps, shampoos, vitamins, household cleaners, and much more. All the things that cost you way less at the Grocery Store or Health Food Store! This type of marketing structure has been very successful in the past with companies in the MLM industry. Melaleuca is not technically an MLM, it is a Direct Sales Company.

Your objective is to have as many people as possible using and deriving benefit from the products. And ordering month after month, even in this tough economy.

Maybe this isn't typical, but I recently talked to a young lady who joined Melaleuca. She told me that she worked this business, somtimes 12 hours a day (including weekends), and after 4 months she had made a grand total of $96 to show for it.

These products are good, but not cheap. Sure, people are concerned with their health, but these days, they are more concerned about their Pocket Books!

After years of testing opportunities, most of them waste my time and don't generate much money because you have to chase people around trying to SELL IT! They ALL have to much competition and don't offer a Totally Unique Product to a Huge Existing Market. But I have found THE ONE that pays the Best, has True Mass Appeal, is One-OF-A-Kind, and has NO COMPETITION! On top of that, hardly anyone has even heard of it yet, but those that have, including Yours Truly, are already making all kinds of money. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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