Medical Billing

There are so many courses and schools that teach Medical Billing that you would think it was the most lucrative home business in the world. It isn't!!!

Many doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies outsource Medical Billing, but these people are not known for their generosity. Quite the contrary, excuse the pun, but it is sometimes like pulling teeth to get your money from the people you are working for and the people you are billing.

Most people know that these type of bills are not usually counted against you on your credit, so if they don't have the money it goes on the back burner. The people you are collecting for collect the easy pays themselves, leaving the delinquent accounts for you.

Don't misunderstand, you are not a collection agency technically, but it sure can start to feel that way pretty quick.This type of work is very boring and can be very laborious. I certainly don't want to work that hard for my money!

You want to talk about depressing, hour after hour, day after day listening to and dealing with people who have serious problems and who are ready to share their hard luck stories with you. No Thanks!

The field has ample opportunity to make some money, but it most definitely won't provide you with financial freedom. As a matter of fact, freedom should not even be used in the same sentence with Medical Billing...!

In my opinion, this should be used as some sort of punishment and there is no way I would voluntarily sign up for it.I have tested Thousands of business opportunities and ONLY ONE still delivers a ROCK SOLID income. To See Click Here

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