Maverick Money

Maverick Money Makers brought to you by Mack Michaels makes big claims and tells you everything you could possibly want to hear. Now you’re about to find out what you SHOULD know BEFORE you get involved and regret it!

Program after program continue to come out making the same claims as Maverick Money. They all tell the same rags-to-riches stories about how they had nothing, knew nothing, and discovered some “secret” that made them rich.

If Mack Michaels is actually a real person is anyone’s guess. I have been on the internet making a full time living for years and I have NEVER heard of Mack Michaels, and the story that he uses is so common it’s almost a cliché. A chance meeting with some sort of computer “wizard” allowed him to go from living paycheck-to-paycheck, to a life of luxury overnight. Give me a break!

All you have to do is look around and you will see that same story told over and over. Anyone can sit around and think of what everybody would want if there dreams came true. Totally automated, no experience needed, no effort required, etc. This is the same thing that they all say!

I can recite a list of “programs” as long as my arm that say the exact same stuff and guess what? NONE of them work!

Maverick Money actually takes it a step further than most, actually trying to hook you into a hefty ongoing monthly charge. Most of these “turnkey” programs try to stick you for thousands after you buy, but Mack Michaels really thinks you are gullable, so he is going to try and stick it to you from the get go.

In reality, an internet business actually can be the least expensive business you can possibly start, but people like good ole "Mack" don’t want you to know that. They want you to believe that it is some kind of Rocket Science and that is why you need to pay them a lot.

Rubbish, if you have a simple step by step plan to follow, you can find everything that you could possibly need to profit online, and you can get most of it online for free. Maverick Money is simply using a long winded fantasy to entice you into paying AT LEAST $1164 in a year for NOTHING. You will also be expected to spend more and more in addition to the $97 / Month.

The last person that I spoke with who fell for Maverick Money had already written it off as a mistake and was out looking for something that really works. The bottom line is that this Mack Michaels and Maverick Money is just a bunch of Hot Air! It is a hyped up affiliate program in a long line of similar programs that hide behind fake names and email addresses.

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