Mary Kay

Mary Kay Representative Testimonial:

I have enjoyed reading a lot of your Home Based Business Reviews. I have tried quite a few of these, but one that I tried and spent the most money on I found no complaints about. I am here to tell you a little about the Mary Kay cosmetic business.

Thinking this would be a great opportunity, I spent over $2,400 buying products, etc. I FOUND THIS COMPANY TO BE SO SATURATED IT WAS NAUSEATING ! ! !

For one thing, Mary Kay cosmetics are nothing special and there's not an animal walking around on two legs that either hasn't heard of Mary Kay, tried the products, and signed up with a representative. Maybe if you could rocket to Mars, you might be able to make a living from Mary Kay.

It was an EXTREMELY time consuming business and you were constantly seeing people as potential buyers -- you had to be selling, selling, selling 24/7. Needless to say I never made anywhere near the $2,400 I had invested.

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