Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders currently runs three websites. The Amazing Formula, Amazing Ad Copy Secrets, and How To Make Cash Like Clockwork. These sites almost exclusively focus on copywriting.

Marlon Sanders is no doubt, a very good copywriter and good copywriting is obviously very important. It will peak the readers interest, but unless the product itself is good and in demand, the sale increase brought about by clever copy is not something that will last.

The"Amazing Formula" looks very similar to all the other sales letter sites out there and many of the others have tried to copy this site.

Marlon claims a "three times your money back guarantee" if you are not satisfied with his information. There are however, conditions to the guarantee in that you must prove that you have made sufficient effort.

There is also an affiliate type program and he gives you as an affiliate, 60% profits from the sale of his “The Amazing formula” to others, but you must buy his CD's to share in the profit.

The information on his sites is useful in your copywriting efforts, but there are many equally important aspects of internet marketing that are not addressed. Combining Marlon's info with a comprehensive program that includes the other details you need to know is a good idea!

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