Mark Hodges

Mark Hodges, the webmaster of is exactly the kind of person and website that I warn about. Promising to tell you all about scam programs, but turning around and promoting them himself. This is insulting to me because I have over 1000 REAL reviews on this site, backed up, and verified. I would advise you to read this page or suffer the consequences!

Hodges pushes a program called (among others) that is very questionable. These days almost all of these hyped up rags to riches “turn-key” offers use a female name, that in most cases has proven to be fake, to get people’s guard down due to the fact that people generally think that women are more honest than men.

The testimonial by Rachel is very convincing. So much so, that it seems in my opinion, an inexperienced person would have to be pretty slick to do that kind of copywriting. I could be wrong, but it seems professionally done.

There are SO many websites using a heart wrenching story, cars, boats, mansions, and “proof” of HUGE earnings like this, it’s hard to believe. That is why you should NOT believe them. Making money online is very possible, but the claims that Rachel Ryan (if she’s real) makes about a chance meeting propelling her to riches has been used over and over again.

Inevitably the purchase of this kind of program leads to more that just disappointment. It leads to attempts to get you to spend A LOT more money on other programs and the information provided can’t be described as anything other than pure crap! This program preys upon stay-at-home moms that are desperate to make more money and tries to convince you that they have just hit the motherload, it’s despicable!

It is also very suspicious that this Domain Name,, is registered to both Mark Hodges and Rachel Ryan using the same P.O. Box. This indicates that they are one in the same or maybe Rachel is Mark’s girlfriend. Either way that would make the story a lie!

I have seen so many programs like Automated Millions, Forex Enterprise, and so many others using the same tactics that I don’t trust anything that Mark Hodges offers as far as I could throw it, if you believe it, the result is on you!

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