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Mannatech ™ has been around for a long time. They do offer some very good products, but the question is, can you make money with it?

This obviously is a Health and Nutrition Company and a very well established one, but that may work to your detriment in trying to make money with it. This company is WAY past the "momentum stage" in terms of company growth. The four stages are: Formation, Development, Momentum, and Stabilization. Logically, the stage ideal stage to get in is just BEFORE the Momentum Stage, which has long since past with Mannatech.

The main reason is the COMPETITION! Health and Wellness is HUGE with all the Baby Boomers and Mannatech does come out with some terrific products, but so do several Thousand other Companies.

There are several factors that make Health and Wellness so difficult. I know because I have done A LOT of it! Other than the enormous Competition, it seems as though you have the Medical Establishment working against you. The Multi-Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Giants bombarding people with quick fixes, greedy Doctors pushing this poison on people, and trying to re-educate your prospects. Not to mention, finding those prospects.

This has no bearing on the Quality of Mannatech ™ Products, it's just the natural facts of the industry. It is estimated that at any one time there are over 10,000 MLM companies in the United States alone and the overwhelming majority are Health and Wellnes, each with a "miracle product!"

You will be selling or giving away products and waiting to see if people feel that they derived benefit from them and then hoping that they do Autoship. A lot of IF's in that scenario. You will be buying more and more products to stay qualified and I know that I ended up giving most of them away as gifts.

All this is not to say that you cannot succeed with Mannatech ™ , its only to help you determine if this is for you. The decision is yours, but I would urge you to think about it in terms of the TIME it will take and the effort, realistically, you are willing to put forth.

After years of testing opportunities, most of them waste my time and don't generate much money because you have to chase people around trying to SELL IT! They ALL have to much competition and don't offer a Totally Unique Product to a Huge Existing Market. But I have found THE ONE that pays the Best, has True Mass Appeal, is One-OF-A-Kind, and has NO COMPETITION! On top of that, hardly anyone has even heard of it yet, but those that have, including Yours Truly, are already making all kinds of money. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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