Madison Dynamics

Madison Dynamics has taken the mystery approach to recruiting to a whole new level! They use large amounts of spam email to entice people to look at their program, but unlike opportunities that want you to reserve judgement until after their recruiting call or meeting, Madison Dynamics won't even tell you what their product is until you JOIN!!!

They actually want you to sign up and PAY MONEY to be a part of their program BEFORE you even know what their product is!!!

I am not sure where they came up with this concept, but I am sure that it is not working to well. I have found that in general, people do not appreciate the secretive way that most MLM's and opportunities try to keep you in the dark so you don't pre-judge, but this is absolutely rediculous!

These people send out spam emails that tell you to hurry up and join or the price will go up, they go on and on about how great it is and how much money you can make, but never get around to telling you what products they offer. The only thing that I can assume is that they are looking for suckers or they feel like people are so desparate that they will cough up the money just because someone gives them a little HYPE!

I have requested information from Madison Dynamics and have never received a thing!!! Obviously, this makes me even more skeptical because like most of my readers, I have been burned by many of these pie-in-the-sky offers and that is the reason I started this site to begin with!

Just like Millions of others, I have been lied to, scammed, cheated, and just basically run through the ringer, but unlike most I kept on looking for a home internet business that actually worked. After thousands of dollars and countless hours of trial and error, I finally figured out how to support my family on the internet and I am sure that Madison Dynamics is not the way.

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