This program offers a work-at-home program that centers around the Health and Wellness industry, but the companies they represent are not revealed on the website.

With all of the "work from home" opportunities available, we hear A LOT of complaints concerning the legitimacy of many offers. The website for this company is not very detailed in terms of the product or the pay structure and that is a typical Network Marketing approach. Several other companies such as Herbalife are using this same apporoach. You should definitely understand the compensation and recruiting aspects thoroughly before getting involved.

The companies affiliated with this program are in the health and wellness sector. This is a huge market, but there is also A LOT of competition. There are countless MLM's offering Health and Wellness and you have Health Food Stores on every corner. That being said, people are looking for opportunity and a team to work with, this opportunity offers this as do many Network Marketing companies.

This offers various services such as mentoring and coaching, which in some cases can be expensive. They also offer personalized websites, which could be helpful, if they are not replicated(exactly like everyone else's who joins the program). Replicated websites are difficult to market to the masses because the search engines don't like them.

Marketing from home these days means marketing on the internet. Most networking type of opportunities offer websites and most are replicated. The idea that all you need is a website is far from the whole story. Learning as much as possible about the marketing and compensation plan of this company beforehand is a good idea and learning as much as possible about internet marketing will help you with any opportunity, so you don't end up paying a lot for nothing.

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