Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier the self-professed "Millionaire Maker" is certainly not shy about promoting herself or her "program" to make you wealthy. Now you are about to find out what the real deal is!

Loral Langemeier is another in the long line of "Follow Me" Gurus that seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Like so many others they are basically motivational in nature and they are all trying to change the way you think. The rationale is that if you think like a rich person, you will be rich!

Robert Kyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is the best example of this and I would not be surprised if Loral got some ideas from this guy. He has made MILLIONS and does not tell you squat about how to ACTUALLY make any money, rather that you "could" make money if you just thought right! The whole idea is to "open your mind" to all the opportunity around you and motivate you to take action.

Much of Langemeier 's advice borders on misleading and to me anyway, seems like she just wants to say the words, so she sounds like she knows what she is talking about. She doesn't even begin to explain ANY of the complexities of what she is recommending.

JUST LIKE Robert Kyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Loral Langemeier talks about how you should surround yourself with Attorneys, Brokers, Accountants and Seasoned Investors all ready to show you "where the deals are" and how to take advantage of them. Good luck chumming up to these professionals and milking them for information without paying a FORTUNE. It borders on the ridiculous!

Unfortunately, like almost all the other "gurus" Ms. Langemeier never really tells you what "action" to take! There is a lot of "if you maybe do this... or you could do that!" But no real concrete directions for you to follow and guess why...

Because you need to sign up and have one of Loral Langemeier's "expert coaches" to guide you through. What they are supposed to guide you through and help you with is unclear, but whatever it might be, it will cost you THOUSANDS!

Inevitably these "gurus" like Loral Langemeier seem to push Real Estate as the way to make your fortune, but just how much these "expert coaches" know about Real Estate is anybody's guess. And why they would be talking to you on the phone, rather than practicing what they preach gives one pause for thought.

This whole elaborate set up is leading to ONE THING and that is up selling you to pay A LOT of money. People who speak of actually going through with this Langemeier "experience" are talking about $5000, $8000, and even $15,000.

Perhaps these are some of the "non-traditional investments" she promotes!

One thing is certain: MANY of these people speak of High Pressure tactics and are not at all happy with what they received.

Of course, there are people who say Loral Longemeier helped them and that may be true, but when there are this many people stating otherwise, I would be very careful about getting involved.

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