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Level Rewards is the newest (and best) of the "Incentivized" Websites and you are about to discover the in-depth insights from an industry insider. If you have already seen the first video, watch the second for more insider tips and tricks and vice versa, if you have seen the second watch the first. After you see them both, you will be ready to make some serious money with Level Rewards and you can join from the links on this page.

If you are ready to get the tips and secrets and start making money with Level Rewards simply GO HERE

Setup Tutorial Below:

If you are ready to get the tips and secrets and start making money with Level Rewards simply GO HERE

Level Rewards is the newest of the “Incentivized” websites that afford an opportunity for anyone, with little or no money to make a very good income. The whole reason for these websites is to provide companies with a very cost effective form of display advertising. This type of advertising is called “CPA” or "cost per action" advertising.

In essence, if you participate in the Level Rewards program, you are an “Internet Based Referral Agent” who is paid for providing these companies with a qualified lead. The person you refer participates in one of the trial offers on the levelrewards.com website and that is considered an “action.” And because you are the person that referred them the “cost” is to the company, that then pays you.

Level Rewards is just a platform, in other words, it brings you (referral agent) in contact with companies that are willing to pay you for bringing them qualified and interested parties to try their products and services. The difference in this and traditional “Affiliate Marketing” is that a “sale” doesn’t have to be made for you (referral agent) to be paid.

Level Rewards has negotiated with the individual companies to establish an amount that they (Level Rewards) will be paid for each referral made on their platform and then Level Rewards pays you as the referrer an agreed upon amount for referring someone.

Level Rewards has a very unique format when compared to other similar programs. Most “Incentivized” websites have a multiple program format, meaning that they have several different programs under the “umbrella” of their company name. Each program has a different name, but are in essence the same. The only difference being the number of trial offers someone must take to “qualify” in that program.

Each “offer” advertised by the companies that participate (advertise) on these sites have a “credit value”, for the sake of example let’s say that 'XYZ Company' has a widget they are trying to sell, so they have a “trial offer” that is 7 days long and has a .50 credit value. If someone takes (participates) in that trial offer and keeps the trial offer for at least 90% of the trial time (6.3 days), even if they cancel it after that time and BEFORE the end of the trial period (7 days), then that is considered a qualified “action” and the offer taker will be awarded the .50 credits, even though they didn’t actually buy anything.

The requirement for being FULLY qualified in most of these program is that a person “take” enough offers that they build up at least 1.0 credits. So in our example, the person that qualified for .50 credits would need to participate in another offer/offers that added up to .50, .50 +.50=1.0.

When that is completed the person who took the offer is now fully “qualified” in that particular program. Being qualified means that person is now able to refer others to the program and make money when the people that they refer get “qualified” just as they had to do. When you take the offers and get “qualified” with 1.0 credits,  the person who  referred you gets paid. Now that you are “qualified” when you refer someone and they achieve 1.0 credits YOU get paid.

It may seem a little complicated, but it is really quite simple, but where it does get a little involved is when you have to join more than one program to make more money. All of these sites are like this except for Level Rewards. You see, each program has a limit on the amount they pay, that is why each of these “incentivized” website companies have more than one program. 

They will have a program that has higher credit values for each offer, meaning that to “qualify” someone has to take less offers and as a result, they payout to the person who referred them is smaller. Then they have other programs that have a much lower credit value for each offer, meaning that someone would have to take more offers to reach the 1.0 credit and be qualified.

Because a person has to take more offers, the “incentivized” website company will make more money (because what they get paid doesn’t change), so they will pay out more money to the person that made that referral.

This is where Level Rewards is totally different.

Instead of having multiple programs under the same company name, Level Rewards has just ONE program. Instead of having to join multiple programs with Level Rewards, you still accrue credits by taking (participating) in trial offers, but instead of getting “qualified” for a particular program they assign a dollar amount to each “level”.

This makes it MUCH easier, more exciting, and really motivates people to keep “Leveling up” or taking additional offers so that they move to the next level, where the amount of money they can make per person they refer goes up.

In Level Rewards for each 1.0 credits accrued, the amount of money that can be made increases $5. So instead of having to “qualify” in a certain program before you can start making money, you can actually start making money right away. You can literally be on Level  5 in about 10 minutes and able to refer someone that does the same and you make $25.

If you were on level 1 and you referred someone who also got to level 1 you would make $5, you on level 2 and you refer someone to level 2 you make $10, etc. A VERY cool feature that makes Level Rewards totally different than others is that if you come in and get to Level 5 and you refer someone that comes in and goes to Level 10, you can actually recoup that money if you move up to Level 10, so you literally never have to lose out on money. NONE of these other programs give you this opportunity.

As you may have ascertained, I am a fan. I have made an incredible amount of money with these “Incentivized” website programs and I can show you how to make A LOT of money with them too and Level Rewards makes it much easier. I would suggest that you watch the videos on this page, but if you already have and you are just doing some extra due diligence, great job! Now it is time to make some money, so get started RIGHT HERE.