LeadNetPro is becoming quite popular, BUT there are things you BETTER know BEFORE you get involved with it.

I am assuming that you are here because you already know what Lead Net Pro is and what it will do, but if not, I am here to tell you it WORKS and anyone can master it. I have seen and USED them all: IBuzz (way to expensive and complicated), PBC (unreliable), Scraper Pro, Phone Goldminer, on and on. LNP is THE BEST hands down.

When it comes to having BIG success with Lead Net Pro you'll be doing yourself a HUGE favor to get involved with someone that has extensive experience with lead scraping and voice broadcasting, here's why:

The training within the LeadNetPro back office is very good, in terms of the USE of the program. The videos explain it so well and in such step-by-step detail that a monkey could do it. However, there is not much about what is REALLY effective with this kind of advertising.

LeadNetPro does give you some examples and some scripts that you can use, but here is the drawback to that: EVERYONE is using the same ones! You see, the vast majority of the people offering Lead Net Pro are VERY inexperienced with voice broadcasting and marketing in general.

The key is knowing where to call, who to call, when to call, the very best leads (that are not being marketed to already), how to hit people's HOT BUTTONS prompting them to take action NOW, and how to do all this as inexpensively as possible.

You must also realize that USING Lead Net Pro to MARKET LeadNetPro is NOT, by a long shot, the only way to do it. Someone that is new to the game absolutely will NOT be able to show you how to put this out in front of thousands more INTERESTED people and do it in a way that is basically free.

Hey, don't get me wrong, if you only want to use the technology itself and nothing else, you'll do well, but once you get a taste of success, you'll be wanting to know some additional ways.

NOBODY that is relatively new will be able to show you those ways.

You may have guessed that the person, that has a TON of marketing experience, is me. I have been using voice broadcasting for 19 years, BUT... when I started there was nothing like LeadNetPro. I had to have a computer for every piece of software, so I had 8 computers, 8 phone lines, 8 phone bills, 8 long distance bills. In addition, 2 dedicated dialers that cost me $1000 a pop!

I had to find out the MOST effective way to do voice broadcasting REAL QUICK. There were no "unlimited long distance plans," so I had to figure out THE most effective, inexpensive way to do it to keep my overhead down.

Well suffice it to say that I did figure it out and did very well. The great part is that when the much simpler voice broadcasting system came on the market a few years back, I was WAY ahead of all of these "newbies" that jumped in and these techniques still work like a charm.

I have also done very well marketing online and as an added value, I show my people some VERY simple and inexpensive ways to market online and at least double the income you will make.

You need to realize that Lead Net Pro is simply a tool and can be used in many ways to make money. You can absolutely explode recruiting for ANY opportunity that you are in now and make a lot of bread selling LeadNetPro, but there are plenty of other ways to cash in as well.

Hey, if you want to join with someone that doesn't bring this additional value to the table that's fine. However, in my humble opinion, you are cutting yourself out of A LOT more income.

The bottom line is that Lead Net Pro IS what it claims to be and there is NO other advertising method that is as effective and inexpensive. You can make money fast, but the amount that you make is very much dependent on who is helping you and the experience they possess.

BEFORE you join with someone, that probably is well intentioned, you need to give yourself the best possible chance of success. You can feel free to give me a call and I will be happy to share some of the things that I will do for you and then you can make an informed educated decision.

If you have only seen the initial 4 minute presentation, you owe it to yourself to see a much more in depth explanation. Take a look at the in depth LeadNetPro Demo RIGHT HERE!

Martin Wilson