Larry Burkett

Larry Burkett give excellent advice about Managing Money, but he does not address one MAJOR aspect of money management and that is MAKING MORE OF IT!

Larry is a well known and accomplished author and radio host. His radio show "Money Matters" discusses various aspects of money mangement and attempts to incorporate Biblical principals into practical advice. As an author, he has written several books on the topic including: Family Financial Workbook, Business By The Book, How to Manage Money, The WORD on Finance, Debt-Free Living, Using Your Money Wisely and more...

Larry Burkett's Crown Financial Ministries is very active in promoting his various products and endeavors, the emphasis being on "getting a handle on God's plan for your finances." He has teamed up with "Biblesoft" and together they are agressively promoting Larry's products and their own, of course.

Obviously, careful managment of your money with a budget, using your money wisely, and getting out of debt are very important for a healthy financial picture, but there are many financial situations that can be drastically improved if MORE MONEY was available! This is a topic that Larry Burkett does not help with.

Making more money is certainly not the answer to every financial situation, but there are VERY few situations that would not benefit from an influx of pecuniary resources!

It is a common story, people who suddenly come into money(lottery, inheritance) soon thereafter finding themselves in a worse situation than before. More money was only of temporary benefit because their money management habits did not change.

Changing your habits, adhering to a budget, and reducing your debt are all very important and Larry Burkett has some very good advice on those subjects, but I am sure he would agree, adding MORE MONEY into the mix, more often than not, would be extremely beneficial.

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