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Name of the Company You are Reviewing:: Kevin Trudeau

Your Name: Pat

Location(ex: Austin, Tx):: Illinois

Is your review based on FIRSTHAND information?: Yes

Yes I was dooped, the infomercial soundedtoo good to be true and that is exactly what it is. Not True. I purchased thebook and let me tell you it does not give you the cures you are looking for itsays nothing about curing your disease, ailments. He is what he says everyoneelse is a fraud. I only wish I had know this before I paid $40.00 for a bookthat is no good to people unless they want to know about the drug companiesgetting rich. Well we all know this. I think Kevin is just like all these drugcompanies, getting rich on other peoples money. So do not buy the book unlessyou want to know how the drug companies are getting richer.


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